Sakai Tour 02May

2 guest from Nara&Hyogo enjoyed tea ceremony with japanese sweeet.They also enjoyed walk around beautiful japanese style garden.

Hirano Tour on 26APR

6 Guest from Nara Prefecture visited Hirano old town.They said “It is nice to see neighbor enjoy chatting on the street!”or ” local inhabitants are very friendly and nice!”.Thank you for visiting this small old town far from Nara!...

7 slope tour

20 guest enjoyed ” 7 slope tour in Shitennoji area” on sunny 18 Apr.This was collaboration tour with book store as famous writer “Arisugawa Arisu”mentioned those slopes in his novel.Guests enjoyed tour with this book!

Inspection of Maboroshi-zaka

We went preview the “Maboroshi-zaka” to organize its concerned tour on coming 11APR. “Maboroshi-zaka”means ”Phantom slopes” in English which is the title of Omnibus novel written by popular mystery novel writer Mr.Arisugawa Arisu.This tour is...


Tour day is just on day for the best Sakura season. 4Japanese and 4American( from NY ) enjoyed tour together.It was so much fun time and they really enjoyed communication.