In Hirano Old Town,Osaka, Japan

interesting,funny,exciting,curious,grate etc.. in Japanese.We are happy if you feel so through our service!

OMOSHIRO TRAVEL makes all the necessary arrangements for  inclusive tours such as airport transfer, vehicles, small to large size buses, trains, guides, meals, hotels, sightseeing, activities, experiences, workshops etc.. for PRIVATE GROUPS. We will help you with everything from consultation, planning, arrangements, tour guides, and payment.

The most Recommended LOCAL TOUR

Hirano, Super Unique hidden town in Osaka

Omoshiro Travel locates the center of Hirano old district where is just 10km from the major central town of Osaka.
This area has developed first in Osaka city and known as “a self-governing town”, surrounded by moats to prevent enemies from invading during the Warring States era and the Edo era.
Since Hirano town escaped from the damage of WWII, many old temples, shrines and houses still remain intact and well preserved till now.
So residents and visitors can enjoy historic cultures of the town.

– Be involved! Just like a neighbor!

We are based on local.People here are very friendly and cooperative!
Therefore we can offer unique & only one contents or experiences for you if you visit Hirano town.
We bet it would be very special memory of your trip in Japan which you can never find in any package tour.

What we can offer in Hirano Old Town

Standard Service


We can arrange your original tour ( Private tour only ) in Japan from for the first visitor to for the frequent visitor.

Experience and cultural exchange

Home visit,public bath,tea celemony,try kimono traditional costume,cooking,work shops..highly recomended if you would like to feel Japan deeper!

Factory /disaster prevention inspection

We have many facilities in Japan.You can comine these unique experiences add to sightseeing.

Airport Transfer

We can arrange a direct transfer service from the airport to your hotel by  vehicle or bus.

Tour with wheel chair

We can arrange the special itinerary for a guet with wheel chair.We offer special type of vehicle for this tour.
*accepted only in Kansai area ( Osaka,Kyoto,Nara,Kobe ) so far

Remarkable Point of Us

  1. A national lisenced guide works with us.Therefore we know the site very well and can be very flexile according to guest’s request.
  2. Our response is quick as we are not huge company.
  3. We are based local deeply.So we have many unique networks to make the special programs such as “home visit””interview to local” or “Cooking ” etc..

Unique Networks of Us ( In Osaka )

・Local Temple ( lodging,Meditation,Draw Budha,Play with Classiacal toy etc )
・Public bath facilities ( Guide can attend and teach you the manners etc )
・Cooperative local people( Lesson of Japanese,Home visit,Kimono wering,Cooking etc )


Please let us help if you need..

・One stop arrangement for everything
・Day trip tour for your partner during your business or congress
・*Unique local cultural program for the students or kids or group

*can be accepted only in Osaka City


Countries of the Guests

India,Sri Lanka,China,Korea,Thailand,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Indonesia,Philippines,
Singapore,Malaysia,Canada,USA,Puerto Rico,Grenada,Brazil
Nethealand,Romania,Zambia,Sudan,Niger,South Africa,Jordan,Levanon,Egypt,Libya,Ethiopia,UAE,Tnzania,

★We are welcome any countries

Type of the Guests

Family,Solo,Couple(we welcome gay couple as well),Friends,School or Office mates,Travel Agency★from 1 person to 44 people

Ex tours

  • Osaka,Kyoto,Nara Hilight sites
  • Local walking in Osaka
  • Nagoya city Hilight sites
  • Lego land Japan and Nabananosato
  • Play with snow in Niseko,Hokkaido
  • Otaru night illumination in Hokkaido
  • Unique Japanese cultures( bath,anime cafe,tea ceremony )
  • Home visit・Lesson Japanese words,interview to local,play with same generation

    ★And more!

Japanese Mythology Tour

Enjoy a 360 °tour of actual places related to Japanese Mythology. You will get to see local food and experiences. You can also get to know the story of the gods, with our “story videos”. We can also arrange live tours at your request, to join the tour from home. 
→→ Go To 360°tour Page!

Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese legends & folklore

After 30 years on the Chrysanthemum Throne, Emperor Akihito of Japan abdicated in 2019, April 30th.  Being the first Japanese emperor to do so since 1817. During the ascension ceremony of his son crown prince Naruhito, there were 3 sacred relics that were passed to the new Emperor during the ritual. It symbolizes that the guardian of the relic is the true emperor of Japan. The relics,  Yasakani-no-Magatama(ornamental stone) is enshrined at the imperial palace, the Yata-no-kagami (Mirror) is enshrined at Ise grand shrine, and the Amano-murakumo-no-tsurgi (sword) is enshrined at Atsuta Jingu. To find out what these relics are and where came from, we will have to go back in time, way back in time to the world of legends.