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Local & Unique & Original 1Day Tour In Sakai or Hirano

【Introduction】:Sakai city(neighbor city of Osaka(appx 20km))
「Now is the time to visit to Sakai!」
Sakai City which has the world’s largest Ex-Emperor Tomb burial mound and a memorial hall of Tea master”Sen no Rikyu” & poet “Yosano Akiko” who are from this city. When the World Heritage registration of the ancient tomb group is realized in 2019, it is expected that attention will rise as first world heritage of Osaka.Then the number of tourists will increase dramatically! Why do not you walk down Sakai slowly before that?

Japanese Garden

【Introduction】:Hirano Old Town(within Osaka city)

「NOT so called“touristic”town,BUT too Unique &Historical town ,Hirano」
Hirano Township, the former ring moat autonomous city, is dotted with interesting spots such as historic sights and town museums. It is a city where people live. In this course you will enjoy chatting with the people of the town and meditation experience at the temple. Please experience the “non-everyday feeling” which can not be experienced with general sightseeing tours. Some foreigners already joined & enjoyed Hirano Tour!that?

Hell Hall in Hirano TownDeep Hirano Experience include Meditation-1Night2Days 21&22JUN2018

Japanese Cafe