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●【Special! VersionHirano Mini Mini Tour with TV show  2018/2/15
Famous TV program ” Yo-i DON!”visited Omoshiro Travel.We did mini mini tour with Mr Hachimitsu( Popular star ) & staff.It was so much fun!

Yo-i DON!

Deep Tour in Hirano Old Town  2018/1/30
NOT tuoristic town Hirano has long history and many Omoshiro spots!Visitor from Tokyo enjoyed walking around Hirano and chat with habitants on sunny day.Here is Must Town to visit when you come to Osaka,Japan!

●Yao day trip( Warp to 400 years ago!) 2018/1/18
This time 6 male guests join our tour.They really enjoyed time trip experience in Yao city.

●Sakai city tour in beautiful Autumn  2017/11/22
7 tourists joined this tour.They are friends from table tennis team!They enjoyed tea ceremony,dish and sightseeing.This day was “Nice couple day”in Japan,so there are many couples who are taking photos wearing Kimono at Japanese garden!

●The Osaka!tour in Autumn  2017/11/16
Guests who are from Tokyo and Kyoto enjoyed unique program of us-Mini cruise around Osaka castle,Play with smart ball games in Shinsekai area,Visit to ”The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation” and Hot spring so on!

●Sakai city tour in beautiful Autumn  2017/11/11
Guests enjoyed beautiful Japanese garden in sunny Autumn!

●Hirano Power spot day trip  2017/11/2
NOT tuoristic town Hirano has long history and many Omoshiro spots!Visitors enjoyed walking around Hirano and chat with habitants on sunny day.

Kyoto day trip  2017/10/28
Toei Kyoto Studio park where you can see film set or try may kind of attractions were visited many tourists last weekend.

●Yao day trip( Warp to 400 years ago!) 2017/10/18
Walking in sunny old town in Yao city.Guests surprised to find out such old part from Edo period(3-400 years ago) are still left.

●Sakai day trip( Welcome to Traditional city! ) 2017/10/4
All guests enjoyed Japanese garden,tea ceremony,Rikyu(Tea master )&Akiko(Poet) museum in sunny Sakai.

 ●Threshing Work shop 2017/9/30
All age enjoyed threshing experience in the farm.

Threshing rice by machine
Small Farmers
Can’t wait to eat fresh rice!

●Sakai city tour 2017/9/21

Sakai is the neighbor city of Osaka(appx 20km) which has historical and cultural charm.Well known 2 cultured persons Akiko Yosano(poet) and Rikyu Senno(tea master)are from Sakai.The New museum for them has just opened in 2015!

The city is now attempting to have some tumulus(Nintoku-ryo etc), listed on the World Heritage registry. Thousands of tourist will pay more attention to Sakai if they will be registered in 2019. Now is the CHANCE to visit Sakai !

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●Secret local talk event at night temple 2017/9/9
Costumed local inhabitants gathered to temple and each talked real scary story of him/herself.

Costumed people


●OJIZO-SAN mini tour
There are 13 major Patron saint( we call it ” OJIZO-SAN”) in Hirano-ward.
Local guide led small group to mini walking tour.