Russian Students stay in Hirano

9 students( 8-15 years ) and 1 teacher from Vladivostok,Russia stay in Hirano,Osaka from 06JUL-27JUL. They were charming and shy at first however got familial with local Hirano inhabitants day by day.Now they enjoy vary much studying by Ms Naoko and field...

Sakai City Tour

It was heavy&light rainy,sunny,stormy day!Although weather changed very often in same day,guests enjoyed Sakai City Walking Tour.

Hirano Deep Tour in Rainy Day

3 Guest joined our Hirano tour.They involved “deep local elements” in Hirano old town.They said ” It was good chance to feel importance of old culture or review local life in down town”.

Lily Garden+Kujo Local Mall Walking

9 Guest enjoyed the best blooming vivid colored Lily at “Lily Garden”in Maishima,Osaka and walking local shopping mall with nice local guide!

KIX Festival Report on 19&20May

Omoshiro Travel participated Kansai International Airport Festival which was held on 19&20 May. We are smallest company as other were mostly Air line or government related tourist bureau. However people have curious to see our brochure of local local...