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Special Collaboration List X Omoshiro Travel

Tour possibility is non limited if we take our special connection!

Collaboration List Sample collaborated service
Our recommended Hostel in Osaka center City tour + accommodation
High school students who are interested in English or different culture International communication party/meeting
Sento or Onsen(Public Hot spring) Walking Tour + Onsen bathing
Care worker Tour with care worker attend
Licensed Guide( English,Chinese ) Guide tour
Private Taxi,Bus Company  Car or Bus Charter depends on Group size
Ryokan( Traditional Inn ) Value Plan for individual/group
Friends of Foreigners in Japan Russia,Croatia,Slovenia,Indonesia,Taiwan,Mongol,China
Farmers or licensed forest instractor Farm experience,Eco workshop( wreath,tree climbing,onion or rice planting etc )
Travel agency in abroard Many contact!
falaafil cafe in Nara ( Israel cuisine ) Event or tour in Nara
Yoshimoto creative agency Ticket sales of Yoshimoto comedy