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【Special Message】
Dear friends,
Wherever you are around the world, we hope you and your families are safe and well. Once situation back to normal like used to, we would like to to see you  and show you our beautiful Japan again – let’s keep fingers crossed the day is coming soon!

We are a small travel agency based in Osaka Japan. Our name “Omoshiro” in Japanese means ‘unique, funny, amusing, pleasant, interesting, curious’ and so on. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in such “Omoshiro” experiences in Japan!
We welcome all type of guest.

OMOSHIRO Travel welcomes all individual guests and Travel agencies!

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Our Signature Day Tours

Experience the Historic Town of Hirano

Wander the streets of old town Hirano, visit Senkoji Temple and see the Japanese perspective of hell, meditate with a monk. Try Japanese sweets, pop into small town museums and get to know the locals.

Visit Sakai the Birth Place of Tea master Sen-no-Rikyu

Get to know the tea master that influenced Japan politics, take part in tea ceremony, enjoy a beautiful stroll through a Japanese garden. Ride the local tram, check out the museum of traditional handmade crafts which Sakai is known for.

Recommended Kyoto spots for first time visitors

Stop by the most popular temples, shrines, including the town where Geisha’s are known to be entertaining guests with dance and song. You’ll also have chance check out the famous Nishiki fish market where most of the Japanese restaurants get their fresh fish of the day.

Stroll through Japan's ancient capital Nara

Visit the big Buddha of Nara at Todaiji temple, feed the wild deer thought to be messengers of Kami, while strolling through Nara park. See the arts and craft store lining the street of old town Nara machi.

immerse yourself in the world of Japanese legends & folklore

After 30 years on the Chrysanthemum Throne, Emperor Akihito of Japan abdicated in 2019, April 30th.  Being the first Japanese emperor to do so since 1817. During the ascension ceremony of his son crown prince Naruhito, there were 3 sacred relics that were passed to the new Emperor during the ritual. It symbolizes that the guardian of the relic is the true emperor of Japan. The relics,  Yasakani-no-Magatama(ornamental stone) is enshrined at the imperial palace, the Yata-no-kagami (Mirror) is enshrined at Ise grand shrine, and the Amano-murakumo-no-tsurgi (sword) is enshrined at Atsuta Jingu. To find out what these relics are and where came from, we will have to go back in time, way back in time to the world of legends.


Kyoto Tour

Our staff attended tourist from overseas in Kyoto. Well known Kyoto has lot of historical spots to see.

Sakai city tour in Winter

We have done Sakai city tour with 4 female guests in 21Feb.It was bit cold but could see beautiful japanese garden.Sakai city has huge tomb mountain which is expected to be UNESCO in 2019.

Deep Tour in Hirano

A Lady from Tokyo joined our Hirano old town tour!She enjoyed it very much!!Here you can see and feel real local life of Osaka.

Yao time warp tour

It was warm January. 6 male guests join our "Yao time warp to 400 years ago" tour. They really enjoyed walking around old town and classical japanese show with hot spring.

Happy 2018!

Happy new year!!Our staff made ”Kadomatsu”(ornament for new year ) & wreath( new year version ) from items in mountain.  

Onion planted!

We have done "Onion planting workshop" on cold but sunny day! We try 2 different type of method- fertilizer:Cow dung,Ridge is covered by vinyl AND fertilizer:EM,Ridge is without vinyl.Both fertilizer are organic! The result will be found in May or Jun 2018!( 300 onion...

Onion Plant Work Shop in Osaka

You have chance to join "Onion plant workshop" in suburb Osaka.It will be held on 14Dec. Meeting & Ends at Tennoji station/JPY3000 per person include public transportation fee,English speaking assistant,Lunch.( We cancel tour in case of rain ) Please contact us if...

Green Santa Festa

Event Title: Green Santa Festa Official HP   https://www.midori-santa.com/ Date:01-09Dec2017 From 10AM-17PM Venue: Umekita Garden in Umeda,Osaka ★Staff of Omoshiro Travel join this festival on 09Dec(SAT) to open X'mas wreath work shop! Entrance is free of charge.(Work...