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< Recommended destinations >

  • Shimane
  • Hiroshima
  • Nagoya
  • Shirakawago
  • Mt Fuji
  • Tokyo
  • Hokkaido etc…
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Recommended Destinations

Shimane Hi lights

We strongly recommend Unnan region,Shimane area if you want to visit the calm countryside with plenty of nature. And if you have an interest in Japanese mythology, sword culture, beautiful scenery of nature, this region is the exact place satisfies your curiosity. Add to it Omoshiro Travel has good network with tourist bureau.

✈Kansai Airport.

Hokkaido Hi lights

Hokkaido is the large northern island where you can see one of the most beautiful nature, wild flowers, tasty seafood, vegetable, meat… etc.. Especially the Niseko area is too famous with its ” powdery snow ” in winter.While sapporo city is the modern big city includes various type of restaurants,entertainment sites,hotels and everything.

✈Sapporo Airport.

Nagoya Hi lights

The largest city of middle Japan. Nagoya includes many stories from the worrier states period since, well known 3 major samurai generals are originally from this area. Also Nagoya is famous for local cuisines such as deep flied shrimp or miso taste pork cutlet.

✈Centrair Airport.


~Mysterious,Rich nature,Ledgends,Hot spring,Helthy and Tasty local food..~

Apart from the busy city, relax and spend slow times

Ledgend Spots from old japanese mythology
Z Iron industory
Z Japanese Sword
Z Rich nature and kind local poeple
Z Incredible tasty local food
Z natural hot springs
Z cozy accommodations

✈ Kansai Airport
 300 km west from Osaka
 Good for family or small group ( around 10 pax )

Why recommend?

City of the Unnan, Shimane includes all required elements represents Japan in a small part of the region.This area is not for big groups with large bus, but small groups with micro bus size.
We can arrange your any request as we have a good network there!

Contents for this region -Feel free to request!


~Fresh sea food,Breathtaking beautiful landscape for all season,powdery snow,flower carpets,romantic Otaru city..~

Very popular destination even for domestic tourist!

All Food here are very fresh and tasty!
Z Wild and large scale nature
Z Snow activities in winter in Niseko
Z Lavendor garden in Furano
Z Romantic Otaru port town
Z Fascinated blue pond in Biei
Z Popolar zoo in Asahikawa

✈ Chitose ( Sapporo ) Airport
 1.5-2 h flight from Tokyo or Osaka
 Good for all type of guets from individual to large group with large bus

Why recommend?

Because Hokkaido Island has various aspects to attract tourists all season within its large scale nature.
Outdoor activities such as fishing,trekking,river rafting,horse riding,skiing,snow activities etc..

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~Historical sites,Toyota museum,Shopping,Entertainment spots,Tasty miso culture,convenient location to visit middle region..~

Nagoya is the best city if you trip to the middle region of Japan

Local Food are famous especially flied shrimp or pork cotolet with miso paste!
Z Nagoya Castle
Z Toyota museum
Z Shopping street
Z Atsuta shrine
Z Day trip to atractive cities

✈ Centrair ( Nagoya ) Airport
 2-3 h by car from Osaka or Kyoto
 Good for all type of guets from individual to large group with large bus

Why recommend?

Nagoya city locates the center of Japan and also 4th largest city which has international airport ” Centrair “.From here you can combine trip to many attractive local places in middle part og Japan such as Shirakawa Village,Takayama,Kanazawa,Nagano so on.
Nagoya city itself also good to see around!



Contents for this region -Feel free to request!