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【Special Message】
Dear friends,
Wherever you are around the world, we hope you and your families are safe and well. Once situation back to normal like used to, we would like to to see you  and show you our beautiful Japan again – let’s keep fingers crossed the day is coming soon!

We are a small travel agency based in Osaka Japan. Our name “Omoshiro” in Japanese means ‘unique, funny, amusing, pleasant, interesting, curious’ and so on. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in such “Omoshiro” experiences in Japan!
We welcome all type of guest.

OMOSHIRO Travel welcomes all individual guests and Travel agencies!

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Our Signature Day Tours

Experience the Historic Town of Hirano

Wander the streets of old town Hirano, visit Senkoji Temple and see the Japanese perspective of hell, meditate with a monk. Try Japanese sweets, pop into small town museums and get to know the locals.

Visit Sakai the Birth Place of Tea master Sen-no-Rikyu

Get to know the tea master that influenced Japan politics, take part in tea ceremony, enjoy a beautiful stroll through a Japanese garden. Ride the local tram, check out the museum of traditional handmade crafts which Sakai is known for.

Recommended Kyoto spots for first time visitors

Stop by the most popular temples, shrines, including the town where Geisha’s are known to be entertaining guests with dance and song. You’ll also have chance check out the famous Nishiki fish market where most of the Japanese restaurants get their fresh fish of the day.

Stroll through Japan's ancient capital Nara

Visit the big Buddha of Nara at Todaiji temple, feed the wild deer thought to be messengers of Kami, while strolling through Nara park. See the arts and craft store lining the street of old town Nara machi.

immerse yourself in the world of Japanese legends & folklore

After 30 years on the Chrysanthemum Throne, Emperor Akihito of Japan abdicated in 2019, April 30th.  Being the first Japanese emperor to do so since 1817. During the ascension ceremony of his son crown prince Naruhito, there were 3 sacred relics that were passed to the new Emperor during the ritual. It symbolizes that the guardian of the relic is the true emperor of Japan. The relics,  Yasakani-no-Magatama(ornamental stone) is enshrined at the imperial palace, the Yata-no-kagami (Mirror) is enshrined at Ise grand shrine, and the Amano-murakumo-no-tsurgi (sword) is enshrined at Atsuta Jingu. To find out what these relics are and where came from, we will have to go back in time, way back in time to the world of legends.


Sakai tour in autumn

Sunny 21 NOV.We have done Sakai city tour.Autumn leaves are so beautiful especially in japanese garden. Some honeymoon couples visited there to be taken pre-wedding photos.

Guide tour for guest from Croatia

The guest from Rijeka,Croatia enjoyed walking tour of Hirano and Osaka Castle.He visited Japanese sweet museum,hell hall,old house and experienced meditation in Hirano old town.Afternoon he visited famous spot, Osaka Castle.

Kyoto Unesco Tour With Russian Monk

The monk who is from Vladivostok,Russia guided 4 guest ( including 9 year old boy ) into Kyoto on sunny day. He had trained at Ninnaji Temple( Unesco ) for 1 years as first monk from foreign country.That is why his explanation or talk which based on REAL story...

Nara Giant Budha&Deer&Old Town Walking

22SEP 5Guest joined our Nara Tour.Local Guide explained detail of each spots.They enjoyed meeting with Famous giant budha,pretty deer in Nara Park.In the after noon they walked around historical area of Nara.

Study Group Visited Hirano from Hwaseong,Korea!

14 Member + 1 Interpreter from Hwaseong,Korea visited Hirano old town.They study township. This time they choose Hirano for research as they had interest how Hirano organize its unique town in spite of NO Chaieman,NO Regulations,NO Membership in Hirano Town Ship...

Summer Camp in Satoyama

Summer Camp in Satoyama( country side ) has held on 26&27Jul.14 Guest which consist of 5 families joined this program.They did playing by riverside,BBQ,funny bath tab,night walk with lantern and spend overnight at tent so on.

Russian Students stay in Hirano

9 students( 8-15 years ) and 1 teacher from Vladivostok,Russia stay in Hirano,Osaka from 06JUL-27JUL. They were charming and shy at first however got familial with local Hirano inhabitants day by day.Now they enjoy vary much studying by Ms Naoko and field...

Sakai City Tour

It was heavy&light rainy,sunny,stormy day!Although weather changed very often in same day,guests enjoyed Sakai City Walking Tour.

Hirano Deep Tour in Rainy Day

3 Guest joined our Hirano tour.They involved "deep local elements" in Hirano old town.They said " It was good chance to feel importance of old culture or review local life in down town".